I often marvel at what seems like an endless journey of learning how to care for my body. The panoply of chemicals requiring diligent elimination, from agriculture, municipal water, geo-engineering, industry, auto transport….is insane! Since an early age, my body has been highly reactive to most things unnatural. I began my pursuit of health & recovery at the curious age of 14, and since then I’ve gained knowledge of essential practices that I think everyone should know about.

There was a time not too long ago when it was in fact illegal for certain kinds of healing and medicine to be practiced (in medieval Europe). The holy church mandated that knowledge of the body was not to be taught, at penalty of torture and death. Hence essential medicine lore that both peasants and princesses would have liked to know about was burned, kept secret or simply forgotten.

We now have a return to extensive understanding of the body and its workings that incorporates both laboratory sciences and old school ways. Holistic medicine is evolving exponentially us in its complexity, variety and availability. After ingesting countless teas, tinctures,  supplements & concoctions, the conclusion I have come to is that in order to be able to fully utilize any of it, I have to keep the crucibles that are my organs clean. I have been studying the work of one of America’s first pioneers in “alternative” health, Dr. Hulda Clark. Her cleanses have helped me tremendously and she, among others, is one of the detox pioneers I would like to share with you.

The human body is a technology of vast complexity; a machine worthy of deep respect and skillful maintenance. In these times, we humans are given to better understanding of our handheld devices than we are of our own physiology. I propose to  you an experiment in removing outdated & undesirable material in multiple systems of the body to reveal unfettered functionality. Lets support each other in removing the metabolic waste resultant of ongoing digestion and the acidosis from co-existing in a high stress society. Our bodies are priceless and we can make ourselves “feel like a million dollars” by investing far less money and a little more time into the upkeep of our personal temples. The intention is that we support and regain diamond like clarity and the good feelings that come with an unburdened body. The goal is that we refine our physiology to become more skillful secret agents of peace. Radiant health affects everyone, and we can affect the global vibration with our intestinal health and happiness. Really.

Currently much of the world is ingesting an out-dated diet informed by addiction to incessant consumption and a sort of surrendered acceptance of  pre-destined aging. Let us become the ingesters of infinity by refining our inner chemistry.

Imagine if liver flushing was as common of a household practice as doing the laundry. Aggression and frustration would surely be abated…as it really can take it out of you. Initially cleansing can cause one to feel worn out. Then you will start to feel great again, and even better. The swift transition from a feeling of depletion to one of lightness of being is worth abstaining from snacking while sipping on strange beverages, I assure you.

What would happen if we held ourselves to be high art and advanced technology? How would our abilities to live in our bodies fully and use them well be enhanced? Would our capacity to maintain a natural state of high became the daily standard? Would radiant right now resonance become the new normal? Would people passing by wonder “what planet are they from…?”

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