Support for Electrohypersensitivity (EHS)

Wireless technologies are an ubiquitous presence in today’s world. We are asked to believe that pressing microwave emitting devices to our heads throughout the day, and sleeping in an ambient environment of wireless radiation, is safe. We are asked to invest substantial amounts of money in the purchase of what is, essentially, experimental technology.

Supposedly studies “prove” that cell phones, wifi routers and smart meters are safe. Many, if not all, of these studies, are paid for by the companies producing these new technologies. Just like word had it, even according to medical doctors, that cigarettes were “safe” back in the day.

In conjunction with our heavy addiction to wireless technology, brain tumours in children, and general anxiety and fatigue in both kids & adults are on the rise. An exponential increase in serious matters like neurological disorders and even infertility have been seen since the rising of man’s new best friend, the cell phone, on the horizon of human civilization.

I have always been sensitive to cell phone radiation, and taken care to use my phone with a headset. In autumn of 2011 I began suffering from severe headaches due to exposure to smart phone radiation and even blue tooth emissions. By the spring equinox of 2012 it was so severe that I could barely leave my home without enduring profound pain and fatigue just from being in public. I had attempted to own and use a new smartphone in 2009 but returned it within two weeks as it had such immediate and deleterious effects on my neurological functions. I enjoyed a grace period of several painless years while the ambiance of hyper digitization of the human race grew like a plague around me.

In the course of learning to live with my own electrohypersensitivity, while existing on the outside of the cultural and physical mutations happening all around me, I have accrued both knowledge and strategies for defending myself against the highly toxic electromagnetic frequencies that now form a veritable ocean of stimulation all around us.

I have tried numerous products & protocols for deflecting and reducing the amount of radiation I am absorbing & circulating; by far, the most effective and the one I cannot live without, is keeping at least two Earthcalm pendants on. My orgonite pendant by Orgonix and my shungite tablet have also been deeply protective and therapeutic.

I will also detail the many things I have tried and continue to use that help reduce pain and fatigue. Given the uniqueness of every human body, some of these may work better for you than they have for me.

*Q Link pendants
*Gia Wellness pendants
*Tachyon earrings & pendants
*Power Pendant
*Orgonite pendant by Orgonix

*Kyani Triangle of Health
*Turmeric in high doses

*Baking soda (ideally aluminum free) & Salt Baths (ideally sea salt or himalyan salt)
*Rife frequencies
*Holding & sleeping with shungite rock
*Photonic light therapy
*Earthing (standing or walking barefoot on asphalt, earth, sand, grass, etc)

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