It is recommended that one utilizes nor more than 3 microcurrent programs per day, either with the wristbands / electrodes, or via near field transmission.

Please note that the wristbands do not have the same size connector as standard electrodes, as they use the European size connectors.

VERY IMPORTANT: When using your Healy please drink ample purified water (no additives, sugars, flavors, bubbles). Proper hydration is essential to enabling the cells to receive and conduct the microcurrent frequencies. Distilled water is okay; mineralized water is preferred to enhance conductivity. H2O that has been structured & alkalinized is ideal for doing any of the detoxification programs.

ALSO VERY IMPORTANT: If metal plates or screws are present in the body, be sure not to put the electrodes directly on them. As long as you don’t put the pads or wristband over the metal implants, the electrodes may be used. As an alternative you can place the wristbands on your ankles.

CONTACT WITH SKIN: Once you apply the electrodes onto your body, your phone or tablet will show 3 different colors of circles, each indicating the level of contact with your skin, and conductivity. The circle shows you the connection &/or measurable flow of frequencies. If “NOK” appears, instead of a circle, it indicates that the connection has either not yet been achieved, or is immeasurable.

WHITE CIRCLE: Good connectivity has been achieved, and the frequency program can be commenced.

BLACK CIRCLE: It means that there is either no connection, or the frequency flow cannot be measured (perhaps because of overly dry skin). In this case, put some water under the bracelets & then check to see if the connection has improved.

GREY CIRCLE: You will only see grey in the programs with the earclips, & that is ok, because the frequencies are so light that they can’t be measured. Programs using earclips are of a very light frequency because they are conducted through the brain. (Currently earclips are not distributed to American members, per the decision of the F.D.A.).

Happy Frequency Conducting!