Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a system of energy healing with its origins in Japan, India & Tibet. A Japanese word meaning “universal force”, it is a subtle, yet potent, collaboration between channel (practitioner) & receiver (client). I believe that we are all possessed of  psychic and spiritual capabilities. For some of us these are latent or newly presenting, & for others spiritual mobility is emerging or well evolved. Regardless, reiki provides an opportunity to shift one’s focus from 3D, to 5D, and beyond.

Anyone with a busy life, active family, or desire to align with a higher vibration can benefit from allowing time to nurture the energy body. A Reiki session uses very light laying of hands on specific points (i.e. under the head, on the knees, over the eyes, on the heart) in conjunction with easy breathwork to help the receiver start running his or her own energy. The giver acts as a channel & transmitter of universal force. She assists in getting it moving and deepening the connection to Source. Specific areas of the body can be addressed, or the whole system can receive an all encompassing tune-up. The energy can feel hot, cold, strong, ethereal, dreamy…You may float away or experience heightened awareness. Blockages can be removed.

Spiritual energy can flux like the wax and wane of the moon and the height of the tides. With reiki, greater union within and harmony without can be gained. Ideally, you should feel peaceful, centered, relaxed, and in the moment after your healing session. I believe that much of the power in energy healing comes from intention to heal, willingness to receive, and openness to unimagined perspectives.

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