Reiki is a system of energy healing with its origins in Japan, India & Tibet; it is applied with very light laying of hands in patterns on appropriate areas of the (clothed) body.

“Reiki” is a Japanese term meaning “universal force”, and this energy can also be applied via distance transmission. It is a subtle, yet potent, collaboration between channel (practitioner) & receiver (client).

Reiki provides an opportunity to shift one’s focus from the minutiae of daily life, and relax into the vastness of one’s spirit. Hand placements can be under the head, on the knees, over the eyes, on the heart, etc. The practitioner will guide the client into easy breath work to facilitate greater energy transmission and connection with self.

The reiki energy can feel hot, cold, strong, ethereal, dreamy…You may float away or experience heightened awareness. Energetic blockages may be removed, providing an easier capacity to run one’s energy.

Ideally, you should feel peaceful and relaxed after your healing session. I believe that much of the power in energy healing comes from intention to heal, willingness to receive, and openness to unimagined perspectives.

Currently I am revising my reiki practice to integrate they Healy Timewaver frequencies. If you are another bodyworker or energy medicine practitioner, and would like to receive a complimentary “quantum reiki” session while I experiment, I’d love to hear from you! I will be assessing the best frequency programs and wellness protocols for pairing with reiki, both with, and without, the electrodes.

If my schedule for client booking is full, I can highly recommend the charmingly gifted:

Paula Battaglio (

Paula is a potent reiki master and teacher who works with crystal, light and sound therapy. She is also markedly capable with the ISIS technique of removing “samskaras” from other lifetimes. ISIS is taught by the Clairvision school, with whom she maintains a deeply dedicated meditation practice & ongoing study in navigating the realms of spirit and consciousness. Her capacity for long distance transmission of the reiki energy is formidable!