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MY AFFILIATE LINK: https://www.healyworld.net/en/partner/Vitality5D

As a socially networked company, joining as a member is easy, and compensation for sales via your affiliate site can be anywhere from 8% to 30% and 40%. Currently Healy is distributed to over 40 countries, and is used by individuals, families, holistic practitioners and medical facilities. The popularity of this wellness technology is about to explode in America; on May 1, the Healy server crashed when 4,000 people signed up within one hour on the opening day for the U.S. affiliate market.

Prices for Healy range from approximately $500-2,500. The trial period for a full refund is 30 days. From May 1-10, the company is offering pre-registered members discounts of approx. $500-1,000.

Healy Timewaver technology offers opportunity not only for enhancement and transformation of personal wellness, but also for one’s professional offerings & endeavors.

It can be used as an “at a distance” analysis tool for clients who would like greater information on their physiology, as well as the frequencies to support unwavering vitality.

The consumer market for this vitality phenomenon will open on May 11, 2020. If you would like to pre-register through me as an affiliate, and receive deep discounts available from May 1-May 10, please do so prior to, or on, May 4 (they may close free registration at 5pm on May 4, after which the annual membership fee is $46). The user name you choose to register with will reflect in your affiliate link, so please make sure it is a user name that will help people to associate it with you. Please also choose your email carefully, as changing data such as user and email can be quite difficult after confirming membership registration.

I would love to have you on my Healy team!

MY AFFILIATE LINK: https://www.healyworld.net/en/partner/Vitality5D