The best resource I know of for reading & seeing

ongoing testimonials is a Facebook group called:

“The Healy Experience”

It also has ongoing shares about frequency program & app usage.



April 29, 2020 by Fiona Chowdury: Ive been using the Healy for 9 days now. Before i received it, i was hoping it would help relieve some symptoms associated with my stage 2-3 kidney disease, manic depression, chronic fatigue, autoimmune disease – hypothyroidism, obesity. I felt like a complete mess and i was living on autopilot. I was totally prepared to accept that my years were numbered. The Healy is the ‘real deal’ Ive run all the Gold programs, depression, hormones, thyroid, local pain, etc. Where do i start? Im feeling energetic going for long walks everyday, Im so much more positive, happier, joyful. I dont recognise myself – or perhaps im finding myself again! I love my life. Ive taken up newcreative pursuits. Its only DAY 9. Thank you to my mentor Helen Overton


 Severe Pain 🏥

April 30 2020 by Jimmy W McGregor: A few weeks ago I cut my Thumb nail all the way across underneath the Quick of my Skin ( if that makes sense). It was the most painful thing I have experienced and for the first time with a pain related injury I was reduced to tears. Loads of them.
My wife quickly put the Healy on me and used the Release Program. I actually could not believe how quickly the pain was being reduced. After 10 minutes a felt very little pain at all. Now this to me just doesn’t make sense at all.
I’m a builder and have had plenty of injuries including breaking my arm cutting nerves and tendons, having operations, being in pain for hours from cut fingers etc.
This pain should have hung around for a long time, NOT NEARLY GONE in 10 minutes.
I love it and now use the Wound Assist to help heal my thumb.


February 16 by Nikki A. Galagher: For the last 11 years I have struggled daily with headaches and migraines, at age 30 I was diagnosed with a rare brain condition with no cause and no cure, where my brain makes too much CSF and squashes my brain.
I’ve had 31 lumber punctures to drain the fluid and 7 VP shunt brain surgeries.

My 7th surgery was just 12 weeks ago & my surgeons told me there was nothing more they could do to help me 😢 I knew in my heart that a treatment was out there, but it was not going to come from traditional medicine ( they had not been able to help me for 11 years so far )

It was then that Peter reached out to me and shared this amazing technology with me..

It instantly resonated with me and without even seeing it in person I knew I needed to get one..

I’ve been using it daily for 5 weeks now and very pleased to say for the first time in 11 years I’m waking up without my head feeling like it’s going to explode..

I have not taken any pain meds in 4 weeks and it worked wonders on my hang over after my boozy birthday weekend too 👍🙌

I feel so grateful for my Healy and hope others get the same pain relief that I am getting.. 🙌🙏❤️