120 different frequency programs are available for optimization of wellness in mind, body and spirit. Either personal preference, or the directives of the Analyzer app, can define each day’s choice of programs. It is generally recommended to use 1-3 programs per day, and not more. The abbreviation “syst.” is short for systemic, and the acronym “CNS” stands for central nervous system.

Pure – The Pure program is the ideal starting point for anyone using Healy for the first time. It should help the energy field of the organism to recover from the bioenergetic effect of environmental pollutants, toxins, an unhealthy diet, and other negative factors. Care – We see a weakened bioenergetic field as a reason for many acute and chronic diseases. Strengthen your energy field through appropriate exercise, healthy nutrition, and pure water. Care means “caring“; in other words, preventing a multitude of bioenergetic disorders.
Balance – The fine balance of the various bodily functions is very important for our well-being and health. Balance refers to the bioenergetic balance of the kidneys, circulation, lymphatic system and hormones. It is an ideal program for a deep bioenergetic balancing of the body‘s energy field. Being What the program Balance is for the body…
Being – is for our soul. It should help you regain emotional balance. Energy – Performance needs support. No matter whether you are a well-trained competitive athlete, a stressed-out manager or a busy mother, Energy should help you to bio energetically deal with health problems.
Relax – Relax stands for a relaxing anti-stress effect. Stress is often the cause of hyperacidity and imbalances in the body. According to our understanding, many diseases are caused by continuous stress. Modern life keeps many of us from letting go of our daily sorrows and stress, an endeavor that we think is vital for achieving recovery. Release – There are many different causes of pain. For example, pain can be a symptom of hyperacidity of the tissue. As an alternative or in addition to the classic pain applications in Healy you can use the Nuno Nina Gold Cycle Release program. In this program, you work systemically in the bioenergetic field of the body, no matter where the pain is located in the body.
Your Choice – You can choose any other frequency to add to the Gold Cycle Program

Chronic Pain – Treatment of chronic pain via the CNS (central nervous system)
Chronic Back pain – Local treatment of chronic back pain
Tooth-Jaw local – Local supportive treatment of pain in the mouth area
Joints local – Local treatment of joint pain
Migraine – Cranial (head side) treatment of migraine
Insomnia – Supportive treatment of insomnia via the CNS Depression – Supportive treatment of insomnia via the CNS Anxiety – Supportive treatment of depression via the CNS

Learning syst. – Bioenergetic activation of the central nervous system
Learning acute – Supports learning through cranial stimulation Memory – Energetic stimulation of the brain metabolism Concentration syst. – Bioenergetic optimization of the oxygen supply
Concentration acute – Supports concentration via cranial stimulation
Exam syst. – Support before exams through cranial stimulation Exam acute – Energetic balancing of anxiety before tests
Stress syst. – Mental balancing and bioenergetic stimulation of creative power
Stress acute – Supports mood improvement via cranial stimulation

Weight: Bioenergetic stimulation of the emunctories
Muscle – Bioenergetic optimization of cell regeneration
Circulation – Bioenergetic support of the metabolic supply Performance – Energetic activation of life energy
Strength – Bioenergetic activation of the musculoskeletal system
Stamina – Bioenergetic optimization of the cardiovascular system
Regeneration – Bioenergetic stimulation of vitality
Deep relaxation – Bioenergetic optimization of the relaxation phase

Sleep syst. – Bioenergetic optimized changing into delta state (deep sleep)
Bed rest – Bioenergetic promotion of parasympathetic functions (recovery, relaxation)
Balanced Sleep – Bioenergetic balancing of the deep sleep phase
Fine flow – Bioenergetic activation through ionic movement in the body

Activation – Bioenergetic stimulation of mental clarity
Positive thoughts – Energetic orientation towards positive thoughts
Balance Nerves – Bioenergetic promotion of the beta state
Fatigue – Energetic reduction of strains
Exhaustion syst. – Bioenergetic balancing of the adrenal hormones
Exhaustion acute – Supports stress resistance via cranial stimulation
Extreme Stress – Bioenergetic support of mental and physical balance

Inner Strength syst. – Energetic promotion of self-confidence in case of anxiety
Emotional Well-being – Energetic balancing of emotional blockages
Feel good syst. – Energetic activation of confidence in cases of dejection
Contentment syst. – Energetic balancing of the inner centering in addictive and compensatory behavior
Contentment acute – Supports inner balance via cranial stimulation in cases of nicotine addiction
Inner Unity – Energetic reorganization of the psychic wholeness
Well-being Soul – Energetic balancing of compulsive behavior
Mental balance acute – Supports mental balance via cranial stimulation

Inner Beauty – Supporting the coherence and emanation of the energetic field
Aging – Bioenergetic support of the cell organelles (i.e. the “organs” within the cell)
Hair – Bioenergetic stimulation of the follicles
Skin – Bioenergetic fostering of the epidermis
Nails – Bioenergetic stimulation of the nail bed
Skin elasticity – Bioenergetic promotion of the lymphatic system

Support Wounds syst. – Supports the cells through local stimulation
Support Wounds local – Bioenergetic stimulation of the cell metabolism
Acne syst. – Bioenergetic promotion of toxin transport
Scars syst. – Balancing energetic interference fields in scars
Scars local – Local stimulation of scar tissue

Immune system – Activation of the body’s bioenergetic defense system
Cold – Bioenergetic calming of the mucous membranes
Allergies – Bioenergetic balancing of allergic reactions
Eyes – Energetic balancing of the retina
Hormones – Bioenergetic Balancing the release of hormones
Intestine – Bioenergetic stimulation of the intestinal peristalsis
Nerves – Bioenergetic regulation of the nervous system
Flexibility – Bioenergetic mobilization of the joints
Circulatory System – Bioenergetic stimulation of the body’s energy supply
Potency – Bioenergetic stimulation of the reproductive organs
Menopause – Bioenergetic regulation of hormonal balanceMenstruation local – Local relaxation of the lower abdomen

Gastrointestinal – Energetic balancing of the gastrointestinal tract
Bacteria – Balancing of the bioenergetic defense system
Tonsils – Energetically balancing the immune system in cases of infections
Liver function  – Bioenergetic promotion of liver metabolism
Intolerances – Bioenergetic fostering of food tolerance
Toxins – Bioenergetic stimulation of the body’s excretory processes
Head – Bioenergetic reduction of tensions Prostate  Energetic support of the prostate gland
Lung function – Bioenergetic optimization of the lung function
Thyroid gland – Bioenergetic regulation of the thyroid function
Joints-Bones – Bioenergetically stimulating the excretion of metabolites
Sciatica local – Local stimulation of the sciatic

Allergy Meridian – Energetic desensitization of the energy flow
Connective Tissue  Energy regulation of the connective tissue
Bladder – Regulation of bladder energy control
Large intestine  Harmonizing the energy field of the large intestine
Small intestine – Harmonizing the energy control of the small intestine
Fatty degeneration – Energetic regulation of cell uptake
Gallbladder – Energetic regulation of the digestion of fat
Joints – Energetic balancing of flexibility
Skin – Energetic promotion of the energy pathways of the skin
Heart – Energetic stimulation of the heart energy

Hormonal – balance Energetic hormone balancing
Circulation – Energetic regulation of blood circulation
Liver – Energetic metabolism regulation
Lungs – Energetic balancing of the respiratory system
Lymphatic system – Energetic regulation of the lymphatic system
Stomach – Energetic harmonization of the gastric function
Spleen-pancreas – Stimulation of the energy field of the spleen and pancreas
Nerve Meridian – Energetic harmonization of the nerve function
Kidney – Energy control of the fluid balance
Organ Meridian – Harmonizing the energy flow of the organs

Crown chakra – Energetic harmonization of the topics of the crown chakra and connection to the higher Self
Third eye chakra – Energetic harmonization of the topics of the third eye chakra and strengthening of intuition
Throat chakra – Energetic harmonization of the topics of the throat chakra and promotion of constructive communication
Heart chakra – Energetic harmonization of the topics of the heart chakra and stimulation of balanced empathy
Solar plexus chakra – Energetic harmonization of the topics of the solar plexus chakra and strengthening of self-confidence
Sacral chakra – Energetic harmonization of the topics of the sacral chakra and stimulation of creativity
Root chakra – Energetic harmonization of the topics of the root chakra and activation of basic trust

General protection – Energetic shielding
Electrosensitivity – Energetic balancing of the tolerance for so-called “electrosmog“
Cell – Bioenergetic strengthening of the cell
Mental – Energetic promotion of clear perceptual capacity
Sleeping – Energetic protection during sleep
Geopathy – Energetic reduction of sensitivity to interference fields
Subtle – Energetic protection against external influence
Planets – Harmonizing the influences of planets

Here is a short description of the Deep Cycle programs. However, you should not feel limited by these descriptions, because the programs offer many more possibilities on an energetical level. According to Jan Fredrik Poleszynski’s experience, clients go through certain cycles during applications. There are daily, weekly and monthly cycles as well as the classic application cycles like energetic detoxification, support of key organ systems, and working with the energetic root cause.  It can, therefore, be very helpful to find out in which “cycle“ you currently are, so that you can select the appropriate program.
First Application – At the first application, to establish a connection and to get a feeling for the frequency application. he kidneys and lungs should be energetically stimulated, hypersensitivity can be reduced and balance should increase.Feel good and be touched.
Second Application –  At the second application, unless the first application was too intensive. The kidneys and lungs should be energetically stimulated, hypersensitivity should be reduced and balance should continue to increase.
Third Application –  As soon as you‘re ready for a more intensive application. Kidneys, lungs, heart and accelerated energetic detoxification.
Breath of life – There are energetic issues associated with the lungs and its surrounding organs, including breast and surrounding tissue, along with feelings related to weakness and depression.Lungs and all energetic afflictions in the surrounding area related things.
Clean all – Appropriate for follow up after detoxification as an energetic support for all detoxification pathways. It is advisable to include this program in a sequence of applications, as any release on any level of the system often causes a need for detoxification. To release old toxins from the energetic body and mind. Complete energetic detoxification of various systems, such as kidneys, lungs, liver, digestive system, lymph, and circulation system.
Digest all – Recommendable with digestive issues that block further progress (e.g., if stomach issues continue even after the stress is reduced and the kidneys work well). For this program, the adhesive electrodes can be used as an alternative to bracelet electrodes. They should be placed at the level of the ankle on the front side of the foot acupuncture point ST 42. Intestines, stomach, pancreas, gallbladder.
Go to the roots – Only use when the symptoms have subsided and the recovery process has begun. All essential bodily functions should work normally. The energetic causes on the mental level, emotional patterns and biochemical processes associated with these levels will now be addressed. This program is suitable as the conclusion of a series of applications.
Free flow – To energetically support the circulation and the supply of oxygen to the cells. Even an irregular and unsteady heartbeat can be energetically supported by this protocol. It is suitable for use after basic kidney and lung balancing, as well as for general energetic stiffness and circulatory blockages. In addition to supporting the heart and circulation, it can bio energetically promote muscle relaxation.
Kidney all-female  & Kidney all-male – Hering’s law states that: “All improvement occurs from within out, from the head down, and in the reverse order in which the symptoms have appeared.”When it is necessary to energetically support kidneys or kidney energy and promote their ability to regulate (electrolytes, pH and the like), or for any symptom that originates from the “superior organ” and manifests itself in the “subordinate organ”, such as energetic problems with the bladder, urinary system, ovaries, and vagina, menstruation with women or prostate and impotence with men. This program aims to bio energetically support the kidneys and the sexual organs for men and women. The acupuncture point K5 to K6 (below the ankle on the inside of the foot) is suitable for electrode placement. K5 to K6 (or SP6) is close to the tibial nerve, which can also be indirectly stimulated.Kidney, adrenals, bladder, urinary system, ovaries, genitals, prostate and related bioenergetic problems.
Pure Calm –  It should contribute to inner peace, emotional and spiritual balance. Energetic muscle relaxation. The other parts of the program are intended to support the non-physical aspects of life.
Renewal– In case of injuries or after operations, if an energetic regeneration is desired. It should energetically stimulate bone growth. Also suitable for athletes.Bones, skin, tendons, vessels, nerves, muscles and DNA.


Therapist Programs 
The “Therapist Programs“ category offers space for 12 programs individually created for you, by your Timewaver therapist. Your therapist can transfer them to your Healy, regardless of their, or your, location. The Medical Cloud enables secure data transfer between Healy and the TimeWaver Frequency system of your therapist through the Therapist TAN procedure. Using the Therapist TAN function you can let your therapist transfer individual programs from his or her TimeWaver Frequency system to your Healy, or to delete already transferred programs.