If you own the Healy wearable, and would like me to send one or more frequency programs to your device, I would be happy to assist. Ideally we will have met in person at least once, so I can scan your image into my system. If this is not an option, I will need you to email me a photo, along with your name & date of birth. Please be sure that you are up to date on the list of contraindications.

If you are not sure where to start, I suggest looking over my post “List of Frequency Programs” and noting what calls out to you. We can focus on matters pertaining to mind, body, or spirit; sometimes we may be able to multitask. A maximum of 3 programs per day is recommended; when preparing to schedule a distance transfer, and if you desire more than one per day, try to space it out so you have time to rehydrate, and to allow your body to recapitulate the new information. As with any nutrient, the “digital nutrients” sent via Healy require pure H2O for absorption. It is important to stay hydrated both during and after I run the programs for you.

This is a minimum 30 minute booking. Within 24 business hours after your distance session, I will check in with you in the event that the programs used may have unearthed any discomfort, pain, or created disruption. This can be a good sign, one that indicates constructive change is happening. If we need to do another analysis or program transfer to smooth things out, I will fit you into my schedule as expediently as possible. Another good way to integrate is simply to sit in a hot bath.