*Reiki Level One w. Elizabeth Wickan 1996
*Swedish Massage w. Elaine Marie 100 Hours 2004
*Vortex Training One (Merlin Lineage) 2005
*Vortex Training Two (Merlin Lineage) 2006
*Reiki Level Two w. Bronwyn Michaelis 2007
*Reiki Level Three w. Bronwyn Michaelis 2007
*Karuna Reiki Level One 2009
*Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training w. Shakta Kaur Khaulsa 2009-2010
*Ayurvedic Immersion w. Prashanti deJager
*Tuning Fork Therapy 2010
*Kundalini Vortex (Merlin Lineage) 2011
*Diksha Giver Initiation 2012
*Raindrop Technique w. Nancy Gouch 2014
*Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training w. Shakta Kaur Khalsa 2014
*Dowsing via the Raymon Grace method w. Dr. Patricia Crisp 2014
*Iridology w. Dr. Karyn Mitchell 2015
*Nutritional Consulting @ Natural Healing Institute 2014-2016


I would be honored to assist in cultivating your bodily wellness and energetic vibrancy.
As an avante garde healer who resonates in key when contributing to personal empowerment and planetary evolution, I am fascinated by the new and reassured by the ancient. I see human beings as a synthesis of star dust & intergalactic DNA, and enjoy supporting the expression of infinite awareness and self-generating physiology. We are siblings of destiny, we who meet in this time. Synchronization of consciousness amplifies daily in our precious world, as does biological warfare, ecological decay, and general chaos. The polarities are increasing; the shadow grows deeper with the dawning of the light.

In these uncertain times, we must be able to sustain a velocity of energy, information, and intensity thus unprecedented in human experience. Pervasive forces of biospheric destruction & psy-tech assault are truly daunting forces on a fantastic planet quickly becoming a sci-fi reality. Yet we are protected. We are daily regenerated by our ability to heal and create ourselves, and to create and envision with each other.

While both enduring the impact of & contributing to ecocide, we serve all of creation by finding our center, and maintaining its axis.

Claiming spiritual sovereignty within while accessing unity without will be, and is, key to maintaining safety in the dream spell.

I hope that my gifts as a healer will deepen sensations of having your feet on the ground & your head in the stars. I hope that should you be fatigued by the passage of time or the grind of urban life, the time we spend together will resurrect in you a love for the gift of incarnation. With every soul I have the privilege of focusing on, I apply intuitive creativity and innovative technologies.

Some or much of the tools, techniques and information that I work with may be new to you. Should it interest you faintly or intrigue you immensely, your inquiry is welcome. Curiosity opens gateways. I create space for you to bathe in the waters of life, the light of your spirit; to rest in the home of your body, find ground in your being, and anchor your wellbeing.