Diet & detox coaching with me is highly customized, and can incorporate:

-learning how to substitute favorite foods and ingredients with more body friendly options

-keeping a food journal

-supportive dialogue on necessary lifestyle changes

As an adjunct to my practice as an energy healer, I enjoy providing counsel and support towards sustainable modification of dietary practices. I believe that the cleaner the body, the more accurate our receptivity to subtle frequency and the greater our chance at sustaining health, wealth & happiness. Learning how common ingredients & stimulants (i.e. wheat and caffeine) can interfere with receiving subtle energy can be an eye opening experiment and lifestyle shift. Supporting our systemic and hormonal health by informed, empowered choices on how we generate vitality with food and libations can be exciting and uplifting.

Consistent cleansing of our hard working bodies is essential. If you eat, you must cleanse. One may think that because brown rice is a chosen staple and red meat is not, that then cleansing  is perhaps less of a need. However, regardless of what we eat, the fact of the matter is that our digestive system needs rest, and our spirit bodies need opportunity to draw in the essence of the stars. This is so much easier to do when metabolic by products are not hogging our bandwidth.

I am versed in the raw vegan diet, the cooked vegan plant based diet, the Body Ecology diet, superfood nutrition, and nutraceuticals.

I am not a naturopathic doctor, although sometimes I am mistaken for one, and suggest consulting a licensed medical professional if serious disease is present.

My nutritional consulting skills are relevant to:

-improving digestion

-improving energy

-improving sleep

-enhancing one’s good mood

-restoring and revitalizing overall health