Getting rid of old, outdated, low frequency and low vibration substances that contain toxins and trapped emotions supports physical & spiritual health tremendously! Whether you simply do one detox drink, or cleanse for a week or a month, access to one’s essential essence & vital life force can & will be increased.

These days “detoxing” is becoming a common concept; what many fail to realize is that rebuilding is as much a part of the protocol. I enjoy helping people strip away the outdated stuff in preparation for creating a new and stronger foundation.

Some holistic health practitioners teach that cleansing should be practiced in a specific order, addressing certain organs first. While this is a respectable practice, I say do what you can when you can, and you will benefit from it regardless. Any body part made cleaner is a happier, better functioning organism.


I invite you to treat your body to a liver/gallbladder flush, based on the protocol detailed by American health pioneer Dr. Hulda Clark ( This cleanse is simple, quick, and transformational. I recommend creating space away from social interaction and activities requiring an output of energy AND/OR finding a like minded friend to do it with. Comraderie really helps in getting through the brief fasting portion of this quick cleanse. For first time flushers, the benefit of collective focus is invaluable. I had my first go at gallbladder flushing with an adventurous crew on the island of MauI. It left me exhausted, relieved, and grateful that those around me were also getting olive oil and grapefruit juice down the hatch rather than coconut smoothies the Friday evening before our overnight detox. This cleansing protocol can be repeated every two weeks, according to Dr. Clark, until several thousand stones have been eliminated. Six months to a year can be waited to repeat a series of flushes. The benefits of cleansing the liver and gallbladder of gallstones are:

*improved digestion
*healthier blood
*increase of alkalinity and nutrient absorption
*decreased bloating & gas
*less irritability
*greater energy
*improved overall detoxification capacity

*approx 2-4 cups filtered water, as needed
*4 tbs epsom salts
*organic lemon OR pink grapefruit (1 large or 2 small; enough to squeeze out 2/3 cup juice)
*1/2 cup organic olive oil (lighter in color is easier to swallow)
*mix oil and grapefruit juice together in a jar or blender and refridgerate if preparing in advance; remove from fridge to bring to room temperature an hour or two before drinking.

*Abstain from supplements all day
*Eat a no fat breakfast and lunch (avoid fats, oils and things like avocado)
*By 2PM stop eating or drinking anything other than lemon water and herbal tea (if that)
*At 6PM, drink your first dose of Epsom salts: mix 1 tbs salt w 3/4 cup H2O and send it back
*At 8PM, drink your second dose of Epsom salts (repeat measurements of first dose)
*At 10PM, drink (with a quickness) your delightful citrus & oil concoction, and LAY DOWN straight away. Lights out. Or just lay down and relax if you cant fall asleep. DO NOT get up and move around. If you are a night owl, try to get to bed by midnite and adjust the timing accordingly. I have not tried adjusting the timing but I have friends who may never do this cleanse if they had to go to bed at a reasonable hour so, why not…….but probably best to be asleep before 11pm!!!
*Upon waking in the morning, drink your third dose of epsom salts (not prior to 6AM)
*2 hours after, take the fourth and final dose of salts for increased opening of the bowel ducts (almost done)
*Be prepared to start eliminating stones shortly after drinking your third dose of salts, and reserve several hours to stay close to a bathroom designated for your 3D clearing practice (til noon, 2pm….it varies)
*Break your fast with fresh juice two hours after the fourth dose of epsom; wait half an hour to follow with solid fruit, and two more hours to eat solid food.
*Drink lots and lots of fluids to replenish during the day.
**More extensive instructions can be found on Dr. Clark’s site…

(google Fukashima Daiichi nuclear disaaster if you are unaware as to why this is important)

*Nascent Iodine


*Zeolite Clay

*Bentonite Clay

*N.E.S. frequency drops


The kidneys are a vital part of our endocrine system, and are topped off location wise by our adrenal glands. The first set of glands filter our blood countless times throughout the day (as much as 500 quarts!), and the second set while smaller perform an immense job: that of hormone & physical energy production and fight or flight response. This cleanse takes three  weeks and can be immediately repeated for a total of six weeks; it should be done once a year. The greatest benefits for me were an immediate and marked decrease in anxiety, and an increase in a sensation of being grounded, relaxed and in the moment. I even felt more “in control” of my life. In Chinese medicine, the kidneys govern the emotion of fear. Those of us who like to ingest yerba mate, chocolate,  & coffee etc most definitely need to be kind to our kidneys. Whether or not you are able to abstain entirely  from these things, do the cleanse anyways. The most essential aspect is the tea. The supplements are important, but if you want to do a moderate yet effective and less complex version, just drink the root tea (w. the goldenseal tincture) whenever you can or as needed.

Functions of the Kidneys:

  • Elimination of metabolic wastes

  • Blood pressure regulation

  • Erythrocyte production – erythropoietin (stimulates red cell production)

  • Vitamin D activation

  • Prostaglandin synthesis

  • Acid – Base balance (excretes alkaline salts)

  • Fluid balance

  • Electrolyte balance



I recommend ordering the roots from Mountain Rose herbs.
Soak these roots in ten cups of water for 4 hours or overnight:
1/4 cup hydrangea root
1/4 cup gravel root
1/4 cup marshmallow root
-bring to a boil, turn off fire and let it steep for 30 minutes
-add 8 0z wild cherry concentrate and bring back to a boil, then turn off fire
-strain the tea and refrigerate, keeping enough for 2-3 days in the frigde and freezing the rest as it spoils quickly
-drink 3/4 cup in divided doses in the morning and evening on an empty stomach
-add 20 drops goldenseal tincture to each cup, and cinnamon for taste if desired

MORNING 1 ginger capsule, 1 uva ursi capsule
AFTERNOON 1 ginger capsule, 1 parsley capsule, 1 B6
EVENING 1 ginger capsule, 2 uva ursi capsules, 1 parsley capsule, 300 mg magnesium oxide (if magnesium is already part of your routine, it need not be increased)


*Blood Builder from Chakra Four Herbs

For those hypnotized by caffeine, this is a remarkable tonic for assisting in feeling instantly energized.



*execute for a minimum of 1, to maximum 14 days*

Be our diet perfect or poor, everything we eat will result in some kind of build up of plaque in the colon. Regular colon cleansing ensures efficient digestion & elimination, clean blood and a good figure. As most people know, fiber can assist in keeping things moving. In this cleanse, psyllium husk is the central fiber used to get into  the crevasses of the colon. It is paired with bentonite, a powder made from volcanic ash, to extract plaque and residues.

I sometimes keep working while on this cleanse; although a strict diet of fresh  juice is ideal, in order to stay energized and functional I do this cleanse with a blended diet. The idea of taking off to Arizona or Hawaii to sit in a hot spring or lounge on the beach while cleansing is grand, but if I were set on this setting, cleansing may not happen w. necessary frequency.  So for my fellow city bound people, I have included recipes for drinks, smoothies, and nut milks, as well as blended soups & cereal. The level of prana (earthly, elemental life force) available in a hyper urban environment simply is not enough to support a potentially exhausting series of releases and the vacuity that follows. For people who maintain a high vibe diet full of phytonutrients, minerals and serious hydration, this kind of cleansing can be tolerable. If your diet is more recreational than functional, or worse highly toxic, the process of cleansing will need to be followed by a period of extreme nutrition. While we may not get rid of as much stuff as we would if we were drinking green juice in the garden of Eden, it still creates significant change and purification. Maintaining a blended diet while colon cleansing makes it possible for people who are inescapably entrained to a very busy schedule, or addicted to a depleting diet, to release the past while staying present with the now and creating a different future. A kind of vacuity is experienced during colon cleansing; I encourage you to embrace it as space to invoke the essential energy of your fullest self.

Staying hydrated while on this cleanse can be challenging; knowing how to access the right kind of drinking water is so, so important. Not all water is created equal. I generally drink ionized, alkalinized water from my Kangen machine, buy Fiji water, or retreat reverse osmosis w things that give structure and mineralization to it. You can purchase “Alkazone” drops to bring up the PH of your bottled water, or better yet purchase a distiller (distilled water must be treated with the same substances as RO water). Much bottled/distilled/reverse osmosis water is essentially dead and will not only pass right through, but might even rob you of some minerals on the way out. Well water and spring water can be really nice if you are sure of purity levels.

I recommend taking liquid mineral supplements from Morning Star Minerals; they are very energizing and promote mental vivacity and a wonderful electricity in the body. No matter how much organic “mineral rich” produce we ingest, earth is faded and most of us did not harvest it straight from the ground.

It can be a bit strange to not chew on anything for a week or two, but the feeling of getting rid of very outdated material (mucoid plaque) is totally gratifying. Liquid bentonite clay has remarkable powers when it comes to extracting and eliminating the residue of herbacides, pesticides and other nasties. I literally get high from drinking this earthy white fluid made from volcanic ash.

Blessed Herbs sells their 30 day cleanse  in modules; an easy way to stick to it is to get their colon cleansing kit and keep the packets of psyllium and bentonite on hand. Or you can just go to the health food store and keep a measuring spoon with you along with the ingredients. Organic India sells a good psyllium.

Be sure to take the shake on an empty stomach and at least 45 minutes before and after eating or drinking anything other than water. The bentonite can be very dehydrating so an increase of well mineralized, structured and alkalinized water is key. Coconut water, lemon juice and cucumbers will help tremendously.

It is important to either give yourself enemas, or receive colonics, while doing this cleanse. The impacted matter in the colon can be very resistant to leaving and while the P n B shake will begin the process of pulling it off the colon walls, it does not always move it out. The kit from Blessed Herbs includes “Digestive Stimulator”, which keeps things moving. Alternatively you could take:

*1-4 oz fresh wheatgrass juice

*Nopal Blood Sugar supplement from Health Force Nutritionals (3-6 capsules)

*Oxy Mag powder

*Natural Calm powder

*Mag 07


*Chomper from Arise & Shine


1 tbs psyllium (Organic India is a good source)

1 tbs bentonite

8 oz water

-shake in a small mason jar, drink and follow immediately with another 8 0z of H2O.

On the Blessed Herbs cleanse, this drink is taken 5 times a day for five days.

Studies say that bentonite can be safely ingested for up to 14 days. Any length of time you choose to use this substance to your will reflect well in your health.

The recipes below are to give you an idea of how to approach blended dieting; there are many ways to go about it and I would love to know of any ideas you come up with.

Cleansing is not simply something we do to or for ourselves, it is a skill we cultivate. If starting with “just” one day of colon cleansing does not seem sincere enough, try it and see!


H2O          H2O            H2O           H2O              H2O

It is fairly easy to stock up on five gallons of Reverse Osmosis water at any grocery store BUT IT MUST BE ENHANCED TO BE HYDRATING AND CLEANSING.

-1 gallon of reverse osmosis or distilled water

-pinch of Celtic or Himalyan salt

-1 or 2 quartz crystals, 3 inches long or larger

-30 drops Alka-Zone (or other alkaline substance)

-magnets (optional)



-1/2 cup almonds or brazil nuts soaked 12 hours w ten drops adya clarity minerals (change the water after an hour or so of soaking in adya)

-put soaked nuts in high speed blender (Vitamix or Blendtec)

-add 4 cups water

-blend low to high for approx 15 seconds

-strain the milk in a nut milk bag

-return 1 cup milk to blender w 1 tbs lecithin (Exsula brand is best), 1 inch vanilla bean pod or 1/2 tsp alcohol free vanilla

-marry this mixture to the plain milk, mix and refriderate

-optional: add 1 tsp/tbs coconut oil to help preserve and/or to make it creamier



These drinks help  to soothe and smooth the lining of every organ passed through, especially the colon. Both nut milk bags and irish moss can be ordered from

-soak 2 cups moss in water for three hours, strain and rinse well, soak again

-put one cup moss in blender (must be a vitamix or equivalent), add water to almost covering the moss, blend low to high to create a puree or “irish moss paste”

1 cup nut milk

1/2 cup irish moss paste

1 tbs tocotrienols

1 tsp maca

1/4 tsp vanilla

1 tsp lecithin (Exsula is best)

10-20 drops stevia

1 tsp xylitol

1/4 tsp cardamom

1/2 tsp msm


GREEN MEAL SHAKE (from Soak Your Nuts By K. Calabrese)

1 3/4 cups apple juice or rejuvelac

1 (frozen) banana

1 tbs lecithin granules

2 tbs Karyn’s Kare Green Meal Powder

2 tbs flaxseed oil or coconut oil

-Combine the juice and the banana in the blender & process until smooth. Add the lecithin and process briefly. Add the Green Meal Powder & oil and process on low to medium speed until well combined and enjoy. Pour and enjoy!



-blend 2 cups coconut water or 1 cup  Kevita (cultured coconut water avail. at Whole Foods) with

4 capsules or 1/3 tsp Crystal Manna powder (blue green algae) from Ancient Sun



1/2 peeled grapefruit (seeds and all)

1/2-1 cup water

10 drops stevia

optional: 1-2 tbs MSM granules from Omica

blend low to high in a vitamix



1 tbs chlorella powder by Yaeyema mixed into  1/5-2 cups water

optional: add 2-4 tbs whey p0wder from Life Star



ten cherry tomatoes

1 clove garlic

1/2 tsp tumeric (Organic India best)

1/4 tsp himalyan salt

1/2 cup water

blend low



-the meat & water of 1 young coconut

-1 cup blueberries

1/2 tsp msm

-blend low to high



1 cup water

3 tbs whey powder (Lifestar is best; they  call it glutathene)

1 tsp colostrum

5 drops stevia

1/2 tbs lecithin

1 tsp coconut oil

1 tsp glutamine

1 tsp lecithin

-blend low to high


CHIA ROSE PUDDING (serves two)

1/2 cup moss paste

1/2 cup soaked chia seeds

2-3 cups macadamia nut milk

1/4 tsp himalyan salt

2 tbs inulin

15-25 drops alcohol free stevia extract

1 tbs msm

2 tbs shitavri powder (Organic India is best)

1 tbs lucuma

1 tbs lecithin

2 tbs coconut oil

1/2 tsp cinnamon (Mountain Rose is best)

1/2 tsp cardamom

10-20 drops rose oil (I like Alteya rose products)

-blend low to high, and feel free to play around with the measurements on this recipe



-soak and sprout 1 cups quinoa (takes one to two days depending on climate)

-bring 2 cups water to boil and add quinoa, turn down to low for approx 20 minutes or til water is absorbed

-puree quinoa in vitamix

-return to pot, heat on low, add cinnamon, nutmeg and stevia as desired

-serve as is or with nut milk



-soak millet 8 hours or overnight

-follow quinoa recipe above


CREAMY SALMON SOUP W GREENS (moderated from The Body Ecology Diet by D. Gates)

1-2 tbs coconut oil or ghee

1 large onion, cubed

3 carrots, chopped

1 large daikon, chopped

1 bunch kale, chopped

1 heaping tsp dried dill

14 oz Icelandic salmon

3 tbs lemon juice (or to taste)

salt to taste

1. In a saucepan, saute onion in oil.

2. Add daikon and carrots and continue to saute for several minutes.

3. Add dill and a small amount of water.

4. Place lid on saucepan and simmer on low heat for 15 minutes.

5. Add kale and cook until kale is tender.

6. Place in a blender, add salmon and blend. Add spring water as necessary to make blending go smoothly.

7. Return to stockpot.

8. Add sea salt.

9.Cook 10  more minutes.

10. Squeeze lemon juice in before serving.




drink it all day long…..