Alchemical Nutrition

From spring water and harvest apples, to complex herbal formulas and recreational eating, everything we ingest has an influence on both psyche &  physiology. Some substances can nurture & strengthen, others can dramatically mutate our perspective and personality.

As a support to my practice as an energy healer, I often counsel my friends & clients in modifying their dietary practices. I believe that the cleaner the body, the more accurate our receptivity to subtle frequency and the greater our chance at sustaining happiness. Learning how common ingredients & stimulants (i.e. wheat and caffeine) can interfere with receiving subtle energy can be an eye opening experiment and lifestyle shift.

My personal health challenges  have made innovation in the kitchen and acquisition of knowledge pertaining to alternative medicine a grand necessity. I’ve come by some interesting perspectives on diet, detoxification and culinary regime. My kitchen is reflective of years as a vegan, vegetarian and raw foodist, with an emphasis on superfood nutrition, liquid dieting, & the Body Ecology diet. Paring down with ongoing detoxification and toughening up with the wisdom of the Paleolithic diet has become another essential element to sustaining incarnate existence. I often travel with an herbal apothecary, a vitamix, and a head full of recipes worthy of a beaker.

Consistent cleansing of our hard working bodies is essential. If you eat, you must cleanse. One may think that because brown rice is a chosen staple and red meat is not, that then cleansing  is perhaps less of a need. However regardless of what we eat, the fact of the matter is that our digestive system needs rest, and our spirit bodies need opportunity to draw in the essence of the stars. This is so much easier to do when integration of denser nutrition is not demanding our energy and attention.

As needed and desired, we can design your session to allow for creating a protocol lasting of anywhere from one to thirty days, depending on what your physical & spiritual existence may need at this time.

While creating clearing through receiving reiki can certainly improve one’s energy, I also like to share knowledge on increasing physical energy.


Hydration is a key factor here. Water, in its enlivening simplicity, can be an effective awakener. Drink lots and lots, and lots, of clean, well structured and sufficiently mineralized water. Drink about half your body weight in ounces every day, and do a significant part of that dosage first thing in the morning. Fatigue, anxiety and stress are all related to dehydration. Stress is an energy thief; the calmer we are, the more access we have to our flow of eternal power. Water cools, calms and centers.

Supporting the adrenal glands, which get abused by caffeine usage, stress, and improper sleep, is the number two point of action when it comes to restoring energy levels. Being asleep well before midnight at least half of the week (ideally five nights a week) is essential. These glands, which create our physical energy level and ability to respond to daily demands with enthusiasm, regenerate from about 9pm to 11pm. Some people feel that 10pm to Midnight when the gland go into a restorative process. Hitting the hay, on occasion, at either 9 or 10pm is a brilliant idea for recouping overall vitality.

Adaptogenic herbs, plants that modulate their responses to your body in accordance with what you need in the moment, are a daily must for any urban dweller or late night creator. Ashwaganda is my current favorite; hailing from India, this herb is very potent in tincture form. When I find myself drinking more caffeine than is wise, I take three dropperfulls of Ashwaganda, three times a day. And I feel much better than I would if I were just consuming caffeine.

Blue Green Algae is an extraordinary mood elevator and energy deliverer. Doubling the dosage can’t hurt; I often take it with me when I’m going out for a long night of dancing. At two am, it does wonders! My favorite product is Blue Manna by Crystal Sun.

Cordyceps mushrooms are excellent allies for 24/7 power. I like the product from Mushroom Science, and often take 2-3 times the dosage recommended on the bottle without any strange reaction (just more energy and endurance.)

HGH is an interesting and rarely talked about hormone. Another motivator for getting to bed on time is allowing the body to regenerate human growth hormone, a miraculous substance that helps our appearance to be youthful, our injuries to heal, and our energy levels stay up. 9pm to 11 pm, again, is the key time for letting the glandular system do it’s thing. Since many of us just can’t stand being asleep at night, or before midnight at any rate, I highly recommend supplementing with Deer Antler. The products from both Surthrival and Dragon Herbs have worked well for me. This stuff actually gives HGH to the body. It has helped me a lot as I am as much of a night owl as I am a morning person. Thank you, Deer!

Caffeine is a last resort. If you must do it, do it well. It is a drug, and must be treated with requisite precaution. We must know not only where to get it & how to dose it, but also how to not get addicted to it, and how to recover from usage. While for many of us caffeine is both paramour and paragon, what lies behind this cultural fetish is a merciless vampire. Here are my suggestions on dancing with caffeine skillfully:

*Take adrenal support formulas (herbal &/or glandular). Without support, these glands, which govern the fight or flight reaction as well as contribute to immune response,  get so worn down that getting out of bed in the morning can be a tedious battle. Or worse, getting to sleep at night can be impossible if cortisol production is in overdrive from too much tea, coffee, chocolate, all day long. If the latter is the case, try Holy Basil extract which intercepts the adrenal glands production of this awakening hormone.

*Substitute tea for coffee when ever possible. Green and black tea is nice, and yerba mate really packs a punch.

*Guarana powder or pills, from South America, are a great alternative to a cup of joe.

*If coffee is a standard that will not be removed, be very scrupulous about where you get your coffee from and what you put it. While coffee has some neuroprotective properties, it also is one of the most highly sprayed crops. The minuses of coffee severely outway the positives. Not only are pesticides highly prevalent, but mycotoxins (mold), which are often a result of the processing methods used by coffee growers.

*Alkalinize your coffee! Plunging into our bloodstream at a  regrettably low PH of 5, the correct alkalinity of our blood (7.4) is reduced and distorted, making us tired and more susceptible to infection. Putting a teaspoon of coconut oil in your coffee cup is a nice way to mediate the acidity.

*Eat honey (apart from the coffee). Honey restores what Ayurveda calls “ojas”. We need ojas to give us a sense of containment, wholeness, and allure. Our ojas is like our aura, our vibe……coffee corrodes ojas.

*Use organic, dark roast coffee to reduce caffeine and raise the PH of the coffee.

*Cold soak your coffee grounds overnight, strain and warm. It tends to be kinder to the body when prepared without high heat.

*Omit sugar at all costs from your coffee. Use honey if you must, or stevia if you can. The sugar makes the low PH situation much worse, and the negative impacts on digestion and immunity, much worse.

*Take a high grade Vit C product (Health Force Nutritionals or Allergy Research Group). Vit C helps the adrenal glands to recover very nicely.

*Take probiotics and eat cultured food. Not only does caffeine bring down our overall energy level and vibration, it weakens our digestive system and immunity. Caffeine attacks healthy intestinal flora that we need for ingesting and transforming the food & supplements that we take the time to acquire for ourselves. Without them, our food ferments thereby acidifying our bloodstream & tissues, our undigested food gets stuck in us, and ultimately fails to give us energy.  The lack of healthy bacteria also makes our immune system weak and our brain’s ability to create dopamine, impaired. Probiotics & cultured foods help both the stomach and the brain to recover from this drug.

At it’s best, coffee is a sacrament. Please, use it sparingly, on special occasion, hardly ever, or never.  


                                                                            HOW TO BE MORE RELAXED

*Mag 07 (increase the dosage as needed)

*Mucuna taken in conjunction with probiotics

*Natural Calm Magnesium Powder

*Quantum Tranquility by Premier Research Labs

*Vit B by Premier Research Labs


*Circuforce by Health Force Nutritionals

*Cell Food Sam-e (start at lower dosage)

*Circugold by Premier Research Labs (



*Digestive Enzymes

*Biokult Probiotics

*Apple Cider Vinegar w Food or 1 tablespoon in a glass of warm water sipped slowly

*correct food combining


This remedy is from Truth Calkins, a remedy wizard. It helps me to both avoid illness and negate it.

Take it on an empty stomach and wait at least 30 minutes to have anything but water or herbal tea.

1 Tablespoon Silver Biotics Colloidial Silver, or other of similar quality

1 Tablespoon Aged Kyolic Garlic Extract

Flu Fly OR Large Dose of P73 strain Oregano Oil

Chase it with Juice; not a great taste but tolerable


*MSM, up to 1-5 tbs a day

*Cell Food Sam-e (start at lower dosage)




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  1. Richard Huang says:

    Hey Elena was a joy meeting you at Alex’s last Friday, loving your website and all this great information, I’ve taken alot of these herbs and nutrients before, but are not on most you listed right now. Had no idea deer antler is a HGH, will get back on it, I also do chi qong and reiki and do bodywork….and your site is really GREAT!!!

    • Thank you so much! I really love the deer antler from Surthrival, they sell it at Live Live on E. 10th st and I find that the Silver version is efffective.

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